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my story


My name is Iris Erdenechimeg Palaanova and I was born in Mongolia. My parents came from Siberia (Ulan-Ude), my dad worked as a teacher and my mother as a kindergarten teacher. At that time, there was a great shortage of Russian language teachers in Mongolia, so Dad was offered to go to Mongolia to teach Russian. My parents accepted the offer and in 1939 they moved with my oldest sister to the capital of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar.

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Dad was very successful at school, in addition to Russian, he also taught history. He even became the first deserved teacher of Mongolia, and during his career, future members of the government and even future President Tsedenbal passed through his hands. Meanwhile, my mother stayed at home and gradually took care of me and my siblings.

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I have had a very good intuition since I was a child, I often had visions or dreams that came true. When I was nine years old,

I had a dream of marrying a stranger. Even that eventually came true. I was twenty years old when I met my foreigner from Czechoslovakia. My future husband was a builder and came to Mongolia to build factories. After the wedding,

we lived in Mongolia, but when our daughter was born we left for Czechoslovakia in 1982.

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My journey as a shaman began inconspicuously. Out of nowhere, I got high fevers that escalated, I stayed at home for a few weeks and tried to heal with my own homemade recipes when it didn't help, I went to the emergency room in Brno. There they didn't know what to do with me. All my tests showed perfect health. I was a mystery to them. In addition, my health began to deteriorate, I shivered, I could not sit, I stopped walking. Half a year of my suffering had passed, when a strange thing had happened to me here at night. In a dream, my grandfather, who had been a powerful Siberian shaman during his lifetime, came to me on a white horse. "Well, my dear granddaughter," he addressed me, "you will continue my work." "How can I do your job when I am lager."
I objected.


"Ask your son to hold you in your arms and start casting spells and everything will be fine. You have everything in you, your third eye is open from today. "In the morning I signed the discharge against another medical treatment in front of the astonished doctors and let myself taken home. At home, I began to follow my grandfather's instructions. And as he predicted, it happened, after nine days I got up and walked again. Over the next few months, more shamanic knowledge and skills began to emerge, and I set out on a difficult journey to help people with all sorts of mental and physical sufferings, and if  I should  help you, take a look at the web section

I wish you much
divine energy
and love
Your Iris.

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